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Jack Corbett Now Co-President of oPASS

By Andy Warren, 2009/09/29

I’m late announcing this here, but I’m pleased to announce my friend Jack Corbett is joining me in leading oPASS (the Orlando SQL Group). Part of that is Jack being kind enough to pitch in knowing that I’m spread thin, but a bigger part is that he’s been steadily getting more involved in the local SQL community, PASS, and of course a lot of participation here at SSC.

In general I wouldn't say that co-leaders is a good thing, but I think it makes sense for chapters. It provides a nice fallback if one person gets bogged down (we all do), they both go on the Chapter mailing list, and it’s a way for the newer person to get a feel for the job and decide if they should stay. Right now Jack handles finding speakers and being the main greeter at meetings, I work on sponsors and do most of the messaging. Jack is handling most of the updates to the site, I manage the mailing list to remove the bounces. Jack will be writing up the minutes, though I will try to post as well.

I also think it’s healthy for Orlando to have someone new coming in, new ideas, new enthusiasm. The next step if we can make it work would be to find someone to replace me in the next year or so, making Jack the King and providing a chance for someone else to increase their participation. Regardless I’ll be at the meetings and continuing to contribute, but I think a progression plan is as important for chapters as it in business. The different – a big one – is that in business promotion means more money!

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