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Call for Nominations – PASS Board of Directors

Sometime in the next couple weeks will mark the beginning of the 30 day period where we accept nominations for the PASS Board of Directors, see www.sqlpass.org for the details. I thought I’d write just a little bit about what it’s like to be on the Board, what qualities I think I would look for in candidates, and call out a few names of people that I know well enough to believe they would be a great fit.

First, I’d say that 6 months into it I consider it a positive experience.  I think I’ve been able to make a difference in a few areas to help move PASS forward, and really that is the key – everyone making small but significant contributions. I see it as great experience for those looking to move into C level jobs or to run their own company with more than few employees. It’s at least 2 hours per week, and I think I’m averaging closer to 5 hours per week. We typically have three two day board meetings, most are held in Seattle, so remember to add travel time because you really need to be there the full 2 days. It has it’s frustrations, but none that have made me regret participating!

As far as qualities in nominees, things I’d suggest that lead to success are:

  • Experience as a manager. Absolutely key, and as a manager that knows how to delegate.
  • Willing to put in that average of 2-5 hours week, understanding that some weeks will be more and some less around your work schedule
  • Willing to step in on day one and fully participate. You’ll have two years to learn the ropes and get something done, we don’t have time for you to sit on the bench and watch. This requires experience and maturity.
  • Willing to compromise on just about everything. Passion is good, but we need someone pragmatic too. Do something today rather than something perfect next year.
  • Great communication skills, especially written. Having a blog that you update often is a good way to grow and a positive when being considered as a nominee.

Now to the hard part. I’m a little reluctant to call people out because I’ll probably miss more than few that I should have listed, but I’m going to do it anyway. Here’s the list:

  • Steve Jones of SQLServerCentral. My business partner and best friend so I’m biased – but he is the man! Great diversity of skills, great contacts, would be a superb person on the Board.
  • Arnie Rowland. I’ve only known Arnie a short time, but he’s managed to impress me with a realistic outlook. If he has the time to spare he would be a great candidate.
  • Tim Mitchell. I’ve known Tim for a while now, great SQL skills, confident, good ambition, and the thing I value – follow through. He’ll get it done.
  • Plamen Ratchev. Another Florida guy, Plamen has owned a business and understands marketing, always out visiting groups and events, and also has great follow through.
  • Brad McGehee. I’m sure you know him from Red Gate these days, but he started SQL Server Performance.com way back in the beginning. He’s built and sold a business, great speaker, dependable, and knows how things work on the web.

Write to those if you know them and agree, or give someone else you know and value a push. The first step is to build a good set of candidates and then we can have the interesting task of picking the best four come late October.


I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.


Posted by Dugi on 27 July 2009

I vote for the Steve Jones! I'm sure that he is SQLing himself everyday even more as we can see from his publications.

Posted by Anonymous on 27 July 2009

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Posted by Grant Fritchey on 27 July 2009

I only know Tim Mitchell a little bit, but I could support him. I will add a full-throated SECOND to Brad McGehee and Steve Jones. I've worked with/for both of them. I think they could do very well on the PASS board if they choose to do so.

Posted by Steve Jones on 27 July 2009

Thanks for the votes of confidence. I'm a little worried about the commitment, given my wife's workload, and about conflicts of interest. I have a few business relationships with PASS.

I think Grant would be good, and Brad. We'll see, and I'll consider it.

Posted by Jack Corbett on 27 July 2009

I can only comment on 3 as I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Arnie or Plaman, but, in my opinion, the other 3 would all be good candidates.  All 3 are passionate about SQL Server and extensively involved in the community.  The only negative about any of them becoming a member of the PASS Board would be that it could reduce the other contributions they make to the community.

Grant also would be a great choice.

Posted by Andy Warren on 27 July 2009

Jack, I agree I'd like to see Grant on the Board as well, he's a lot of help to me as a PASS volunteer, and thanks for adding your thoughts!

Posted by Anonymous on 27 July 2009

Kudos for a great Sql Server article - Trackback from SqlServerKudos

Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2009

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Posted by Mark Horninger on 28 July 2009

STeve, Grant and Brad - all would do a great job.  how 'bout it Grant?  

Posted by K. Brian Kelley on 29 July 2009

All of these are great choices. And Grant would be as well. They all give back to the community and I think they all would do so in a board seat.

Posted by Anonymous on 31 July 2009

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Posted by Anonymous on 3 August 2009

If you're a SQL Server professional who hasn't been to the website of the Professional Association for

Posted by Anonymous on 3 August 2009

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Posted by jswong05 on 4 August 2009

Brad McGehee

Posted by Tim Mitchell on 12 August 2009

Andy, thanks for the vote of confidence.  Also worthy of consideration are Brian Kelley, and Patrick LeBlanc in Baton Rouge.  I'll second the nod for Grant as well.

Posted by Anonymous on 26 August 2009

The call for nominations for the PASS Board of Directors is open until Sep 3rd and I want to reiterate

Posted by Patrick LeBlanc on 26 August 2009

Tim thanks for the vote.  I am completing my application now.

Posted by Andy Warren on 26 August 2009

Excellent, best of luck Patrick!

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