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Plug for a Cool Catalog

By Andy Warren, 2009/06/25

Ran across the Levenger site while researching laptop bags and it’s branded as ‘tools for serious readers’. Some of it perhaps over done, but some of it looks interesting. They’ve got some beautiful pens and while reading about them realized I had never tried a fountain pen, so I wanted to try one and the cheapest I could find locally was $20. Turns out for about $20 I could build my own – so I did – and they are … interesting. Somehow it does feel elegant/old school, and one thing I didn’t expect was that when you write on a napkin, it just sucks the ink right out into a blob. Anyway, they’ve got some interesting stuff that you might want, or might find a good idea for a gift.

I’m not affiliated with them, no financial interest at all.

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