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My Favorite Bad Movie

By Andy Warren, 2009/06/25

My favorite bad movie is The Master Gunfighter starring Tom Laughlin of Billy Jack fame. It’s a Western, and he’s a gunfighter armed with two 12 shot revolvers (each with two cylinders if you’re interested, quite the idea) and a katana – a samurai sword. What more do you need for an action/western movie?

The plot is strange. A village of people is killed by his extended family as part of stealing some gold, and he leaves rather than fight with his family. Time goes by and they decide to do it again, this time he returns to intervene and winds up fighting what you could call his blood brother. Nothing wrong with that as a plot, but it rambles some. In between he supports himself by showing off his skills and of his tricks….maybe I should make you watch the movie…is slicing a fish in half. That’s half of it anyway!

It’s cheap at Amazon, watch it and let me know – would you watch it again? Or am I the only one?

Enjoy the weekend!

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