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Adios FlyClear

Last year I wrote about signing up for Clear, a registered traveler program. I've flown enough to make it useful flying out of Orlando, but my most frequent destination has been Seattle and so far there is no Clear portal there - so only helps on one half of the flight, but in practice the line in Seattle has never been more than 5-10 minutes. I just hit my one year anniversary and as I considered renewal it just didn't feel like it was worth the $175 to keep it for another year. That's a value judgement, just didn't seem like it delivered enough value for $175. At $99 I'm wavering, at $49 it would be an easy yes. I'm sure I'll have cause to regret not renewing here and there, but for now I'll stand in the line with everyone else.

I think they could make the service a lot more compelling if the Clear card really gave you a break on security. If having it meant not having to take off my shoes and take the laptop out of the bag it would go a long way with me, just the reduction in the hassle factor. It would also be a lot more interesting if they supported more airports.


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Posted by Steve Jones on 11 May 2009

Interesting to hear you rate the value. I didn't get it, though at 5-6 trips a year I wasn't sure it was worth it. Also, it lowers your time in line, and what's what worth? With a smart phone, you can be productive in line.

Posted by Mark Polino on 11 May 2009

I agree wholeheartedly that I would like a break on security. The value proposition generally works for me because I do a lot of flying between Orlando and Atlanta, both of which are now Clear cities. When I fly out of Orlando at 6am, security lines don't matter but when I get a Sunday evening flight, it's the morning after spring break or it's a morning flight from Atlanta, Clear has been a life saver. I fly enough that one missed flight pays for the card but I went through the same value analysis in my head at my last renewal.


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