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Networking Results

By Andy Warren, 2009/04/19

I've written quite a few posts lately on networking and a very common question is - where's the results? What do I get out of all the effort, and so far my best (if lame) answer is that networking is an investment based on faith that it will pay off somewhere, somehow. Not a great answer, and definitely doesn't help support my case very well.

So, I've been trying to pay a little more attention to my own network lately, and see if I could identify anything interesting. What follows is a quick summary of things from the past two weeks or so:

Looking back further, I landed a job in IT that allowed me to grow from entry level data guy to senior manager due to a referral from a friend (Jon, see above). I met my partners Steve Jones and Brian Knight via our participation in, and that bit of networking has paid a lot of dividends over the years.

A little bit of that has lead to earnings, but all of it has lead to a lot of career satisfaction in one way or another. There's still no guarantee, but maybe I'm inching closer to being able to illustrate the real value of networking.

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