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Next Technical Speaking Seminar is March 14, 2009 in Orlando

By Andy Warren, 2009/02/24

I've scheduled another iteration of my Technical Speaking Seminar for March 14, 2009 in Orlando. It's free, and I'm hosting it on a Saturday this time to open it up to those that can't get away from work during the week. It's designed for the novice to intermediate level speaker with the intent of giving them the skills they need to do a technical presentation at a user group (preferred starting place) or a Code Camp or SQL Saturday.

It's a fun day - if a little nerve wracking for first time speakers. My business partner Steve Jones is also planning to do one in Denver, date not yet set, and we're thinking later this year we'll break it down into our short and sweet video format and get them posted on JumpstartTV as well.

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