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Automated Book Scanner & Pasta Ponchos

I've mentioned before that Jeff Duntemann is one of my favorite bloggers, and I thought I'd show why I enjoy it by including a few recent links he's talked about:

  • http://www.geocities.jp/takascience/lego/fabs_en.html is a movie of a fully automated book scanner built from a flat bed scanner and some legos. Put a book on it, it flips the pages and scans them. Sounds a little dumb, but if you watch it it sure looks like it works. He didn't build it, just publicized it, and how could I not?
  • http://www.contrapositivediary.com/?p=280 covers his invention of the Pasta Poncho to keep the spaghetti sauce off of his shirt. I can easily see Billy Mays selling these on TV soon.
  • http://jeff-duntemann.livejournal.com/180915.html is his thoughts on being a contrarian (which interests me as I am occasionally contrary) and he defines it in part as never being certain. Take a chance and read it.


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