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Thoughts for 2009

By Andy Warren, 2008/12/31

Only a few changes planned for this coming year to the blog (so far), none of them huge:

Setting goals for Q1 has been a challenging exercise, has made me realize that I have a lot of interests! I'm revisiting my daily workload to reduce, eliminate, or transfer some tasks that are taking time away from more important things. I know I need to unplug more this year, my best thinking is done when I'm rested, undistracted, and have had time to background process ideas. I'm also in the middle of a longer term career analysis - where do I want to be in 5 years? Lots of thinking.

On a lighter note, one of my personal goals is to play chess more often. Talking with Brian Kelley earlier this year about playing reminded me how much I enjoyed it, but never seem to find time. I'm not a great player, probably not even a good player, but it requires concentration and deep thought, and I think those require practice - and Chess makes that fun. I'm going to try for two me against the computer games per week for the year, see if I can improve some.

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