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End of 2008 Wrap Up Post

Something new for the end of the year - a recap of everything I posted for 2008. 303 posts if the data/my query is correct. Not all earth shaking posts, a couple typo's in the titles I had still missed, but some good ones too. For 2009 I don't know if I'll have that many or not, I'll still be aiming for 1 post per weekday.

Thanks for reading along with me this year, and a special thanks to those that drop in the occasional comment. Have a Happy New Year and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

A Display Challenge
A Minor Rant About Statistics
A Note On Sp Updatestats
A Week Of Books Part 1
A Week Of Books Part 2
A Week Of Books Part 3
A Week Of Books Part 4
A Week Of Books Part 5
Acm 5 Year Anniversary And Customer Service
Acm Queue Article About One Laptop Per Child
After Event Notes On Sqlsaturday 8 In Orlando
After Event Party Location Announced For Sqlsaturday 3 In Jacksonville
Agenda Posted For South Florida Code Camp
Airlines Don T Care About Customers Nor Does The Government
American History Quiz
Announcing Sqlsaturday 10 Tampa 2009
Another Take On Sp3 & Service Packs In General
April Fools Challenge
Are All Meetings Bad
Are You Security Minded
Argentina Code Camp
Assessing Db Changes
Beyond Managing To Middle Management
Blackberry Bold
Blog Changes On Sqlservercentral Com & Visiting The Indytechfest
Blog Likes And Dislikes
Blog Review Yours & Mine
Blog Update & Feedburner
Blogging On Sqlservercentral Com
Blogging Thoughts Part 1
Blogging Thoughts Part 2
Brown Bag Lunches Training Do They Work
Browse Source Code For Net Objects In Sql Reflector Sql2005browser
Building A Security Philosophy Posted On Sqlservercentral Com
Building Raffle Tickets For Sqlsaturday
Building Your Brand
Building Your Brand Part 2
Call For Speakers For Pass Summit Is Open Through March 28 2008
Call It A Day Or A Day Minus 2 Milliseconds
Calories Burned During Sex
Celebrating July 4th
Change Of Leaders At Onetug Adios Shawn
Changing Jobs Should You
Cheap But Good Kvm Switch
Cheap Vacation Travel Books
Chipotle A Model Business Or Just Good Food
Comments On A Recent Visit To Boston
Comments On Dissecting Sql Server Execution Plans By Grant Fritchey
Community Speakers Leaders Where S The Roi
Computed Columns Published On Ssc
Congratulations To Bayer White Connected Systems Mvp
Connecting To A Reporting Services Model
Creating Databases Posted On Sqlservercentral Com
Cross Functional Teams & Cross Training
Dba's Need And Deserve A Large Monitor And Preferably Two Of Them
Desktop Or Laptop
Digging Into Replication
Disabling Indexes Published On Sqlservercentral Com
Do You Love Pass
Do You Understand Microsoft Licenses
Dry Erase Board V2
E Readers Will They Ever Take Off
Election Day & Love Of Country
Employee Or 1099
Employee Or 1099 Part 2
Evaluate Jack Corbetts Blog
Evaluating Speakers At Events
Final Preparations For Sqlsaturday 8 On October 25th 2008
Final Reminder Sqlsaturday 5 & 9 Coming Up On October 11 2008
First Time Attendees At User Groups
Flyclear Privacy And Time
Flyclear Revisited
Follow Up Notes On Sqlsaturday 3
Follow Up Notes On The Custom Whiteboard
Follow Up To Blog Review Post
Forty Percent Discount On Sql 2008 Exams
Free Cheap Good Html Editor Is There Such A Thing
Free Ebook Chapter Book Introducing Sql Server 2008
Free Linq Book From Mspress
Free Subscriptions To Visual Studio Magazine
Getting Geeks It Pro S To Talk At User Group Meetings
Good Ideas Take Time Or How To Brainstorm Part 1
Good Ideas Take Time Or How To Brainstorm Part 2
Good Links On Speaking
Google Blogs & Images
Growing New Speakers How To Go National Pass Needs A Policy
Happy Thanksgiving
Hard Core Object Oriented Programming Guidelines
Hello Secure World Ms Site Worth Looking At
Heroes Probably Not
How Long Is Your Receipt
How Many Drive Letters Do You Use For Sql Server
How Many People Can A Manager Manage
How To Improve Ms Connect
Ideas For Managing Cables
If You Like Books Look At Librarything
Indytechfest 2008 Set For Oct 4 2008
Indytechfest Update
Indytechfest Update Aug 18 2008
Ineta Champs Program
Information On Dell Equilogic Iscsi
Init From Backup Published On Ssc
Insufficient Space For A Side By Side Restore What Do You Do
Interesting Article About Measuring Performance In Software Test Mag
Interesting Web Hosting Option
Ip6 Addresses Could Break Your Db
Ironkey Personal Super Secure Usb
Is The Pass Summit Too Big
It's All About The Wireless Access
It Transparency Posted On Ssc
It Transparency The Intro
Jacksonville Code Camp Set For August 23 2008
Labor Day
Laptops Part 1
Laptops Part 2
Latest Orlando User Group Meeting & Assorted Attendees
Learning To Blog Via Books
Lessons Learned From Sqlsaturday 2 Tampa 2008
Link April Fools Joke On Jonathan Schwarz Of Sun
Link Avoiding Burnout
Link Killing Terminal Service Connections
Linq Again
Listening On A Non Standard Port
Looking For Incremental Improvements
Making Sponsorship Work At Community Events & User Groups My Wish List
Management Article Posted On Ssc
Managing & Professional Development Classes
Managing By The Numbers Part 1
Managing By The Numbers Part 2
Managing Money
Managing My Todo List
Mechanical Blog Posts
Mentoring & Sharing Your Interests Reading This Time
Merry Xmas
Microsoft Bi Conference Oct 6 8 2008
Minutes Of The Aug 2008 Opass Meeting
Mnemonic Phone Numbers & Cell Phones
More Code Per Module More Bugs But More Complex Code <> More Bugs
More Linq Discussion
More On Mentoring
More Thoughts On Linq To Sql
Moving Tempdb Posted On Sqlservercentral Com
Ms Making Net Framework Source Code Available
Naked Conversations
Negotiating It S Not All About Winning
New Book From Celko Joe Celko's Thinking In Sets Auxiliary Temporal And Virtual Tables In Sql
Next Opass Meeting Is Feb 12
Notes About Our Raffle Of The One Laptop Per Child Laptop At Orlando Code Camp
Notes From My Visit With The Charlotte Sql Group
Notes From The June 2008 Opass Meeting
Notes From The Sep 24 2008 Orlando Net User Group Meeting
Notes On My Visit To Birmingham Sql Group
Notes On My Visit To The Space Coast Users Group
Notes On My Visit To The St Louis Sql Group
Notes On The Jacksonville Code Camp 2009
Notes On The South Florida Code Camp
Notes On Went Well & What We Could Have Done Better From Sqlsaturday 8
Office Ribbon Find The Command Out Of Office
One More Sql Feature Wish
One Year Blog Review
Opass Meeting Tomorrow Night Aug 5 2008
Operation Hands Free
Orlando Code Camp 2008 Registration & Call For Speakers Is Open
Orlando Code Camp Reminder & A Special Raffle One Laptop Per Child
Orlando Code Code Follow Up
Orlando Heroes Launch Event
Other Thoughts On Brand Building
Partitioning Gotcha
Partitioning Part 3 Posted On Ssc
Partitioning Part 4 Posted On Ssc
Pass 2008 Day 1 Mon
Pass 2008 Day 2 Tuesday
Pass 2008 Day 3 Wed
Pass 2008 Day 4 Thursday
Pass Board Of Directors Part 2
Pass Board Of Directors Part 3
Pass Board Of Directors Part 4
Pass Board Of Directors Part 5
Pass Board Of Directors Part 6
Pass Day 5 Fri
Pass Presentation Evaluation Results
Pc Magazine Going Out Of Print
Performance Tuning Seminar In Jacksonville Fl On May 2 2008
Performance Tuning Tips From The Consultant Perspective
Perks At Work A Good Thing
Polos For Sqlsaturday
Pop Quiz What S The Max Number Of Resultsets Supported By Management Studio
Post Event Notes On Sqlsaturday 3
Post Event Notes On Sqlsaturday 5 & Sqlsaturday 9 And Future Plans
Post Event Notes Sqlsaturday 8
Practices Does Make A Difference When Speaking
Presentations Using A Panel Format
Presenter View In Powerpoint 2007
Professional Development Links
Provisioning Storage
Pumpkin Tossing
Quick And Dirty Code Compare
Quickbooks 2009 Not As Good As 2007
Rebuilding Stats Twice Or Not At All Posted On Ssc
Relaunching Jumpstarttv Com
Reminder Orlando Code Camp Is Mar 22 2008
Reminder Sqlsaturday 4 In Orlando June 7 8 2008
Reminder Upcoming Sql Launch Event In Jacksonville Fl On Sep 12 2008
Renaming Databases Posted On Sqlservercentral Com
Returning Stuff To Amazon
Review Of Pro Sql Server 2005 High Availability
Schedule Announced For Sqlsaturday 3 In Jacksonville
Security By Obscurity
Should Code Camp Sqlsaturday Be Free
Should I Run For The Pass Board Of Directors
Snapshots Part 1 Published On Ssc
Sometimes You Need An Analog Solution Sorta Earth Class Mail
Speaker Eval Form Part 2
Speakers Presenters Can You Answer All The Questions
Speaking At Pass Summit 2008
Spend Money To Make Money
Sql 2008 Schedule Slippage And Sql 2005 Sp3
Sql Code Review Scalar Variables
Sql Community The Site
Sql Injection Again
Sql Server Data Services Announcement Competitor To Amazon Simpledb
Sql Server In The Cloud
Sql Server Mvp
Sqlsaturday 2 Tampa 2008 Notes
Sqlsaturday 3 Jacksonville 2008 Registration And Call For Speakers Is Open
Sqlsaturday 3 Jacksonville Final Reminder
Sqlsaturday 3 Jacksonville Update
Sqlsaturday 4 In Orlando With A Twist
Sqlsaturday 4 Lessons Learned
Sqlsaturday 4 Wrap Up
Sqlsaturday 5 & 6 Update
Sqlsaturday 6 Cancelled
Sqlsaturday 6 In Cleveland Registration Open
Sqlsaturday 8 In Orlando Update Aug 21
Sqlsaturday 8 Session Evaluations
Sqlsaturday 9 In Greenville Sc On Oct 11 2008
Sqlsaturday Call For Speakers Cleveland & Olympia
Sqlsaturday Tampa 2008 Is This Weekend Feb 16
Sqlsaturday Tampa Call For Speakers
Sqlsaturday Update Aug 1 2008
Starting A Technical Blog Link
Sun Acquires Mysql
System Sessions Spids Rather Than Spid Lt 50
Taking Care Of Employees Storms
Tampa Code Camp Is Dec 6 2008
Tampa Code Camp Is December 2 2008
Tampa Code Camp Notes
Tethering Vs Air Card & Other Miscellaneous Phone Thoughts
The Fun Of Blogs
The Long Tail
Thoughts On Database Mail
Thoughts On Http Endpoints Schemas And Other Niche Features
Thoughts On Indytechfest 2008
Thoughts On Mentoring Part 1
Thoughts On Mentoring Part 2
Thoughts On Mentoring Part 3
Thoughts On Mentoring Part 4
Thoughts On Mentoring Part 5
Thoughts On Net Reflector Being Acquired By Red Gate
Thoughts On Virtualization
Todo List Follow Up The Notepad
Tool Review Hamachi Vpn
Tool Review Microsoft Virtual Cd Rom Control Panel
Tool Review Password Safe
Tool Review Quicken
Tool Review Servers Alive
Tool Review Snarfer
Tool Review Taskswitchxp
Transparent Translucent Or Opaque Whats Your Strategy
Tribute To Jim Gray
Trigger Notes
Troubleshooting High Connections & What S The Application Name
Two Mistakes
Understanding Microsoft Licenses A Short Follow Up
Uninstalling Software Sucks And Why Computers Are Still Slow
Upcoming Presentation At The Pass Summit 2008
Upcoming Presentations
Using Tripit For Travel Plans
Utah Code Camp Is April 26 2008
Vacation Reading Boyd & Mullane
Vacations Part Ii
Visiting Birmingham Sql Group In June
Visiting Boston This Week
Visiting The Charlotte Sql User Group On Feb 27th
Visiting The Space Coast Net Users Group In June
Water Amp Cell Phones Don T Mix
Well Run Companies
What Does A Pass Summit Cost
What Is An Mvp
What S Wrong With Linq To Sql
What S Your Favorite Trek Episode
Where Are Profiler User Defined Templates Stored
Why Are Stored Procedures Too Hard
Why Format Tsql
Why I Want To Be On The Pass Board
Will You Host The Next Sqlsaturday
World Wild Telescope & Misc Microsoft Stuff
You Re Not Dumb And Neither Am I



I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.


Posted by Anonymous on 12 February 2009

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