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April Fools Challenge

By Andy Warren, 2008/12/28

I know it's not April 1st yet, but I wanted to throw out a couple comments and a challenge well in advance. I like April Fools jokes...if they are done well. Done well for me means creative, but also shouldn't take 4 pages of reading before I figure out I've been had. It should be close to believable, but gradually lead the reader down the path where when they finally realize they've been had, they think 'I can't believe I didn't get it sooner!'.

So, here's the challenge to those of you that blog. Start working on those ideas now, see if you can do some really creative writing once you have the idea. Chris Rock and I already have one idea ready to implement that we at least find so humorous that we can hardly wait! Will it work when released? Hard to know, but worth trying. Remember, it's the idea PLUS the way you tell it that makes it work.

Am I tipping you off about April 1st on my own blog? Sure, but with luck that won't detract from the fun of it one bit!

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