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Office Ribbon - Find The Command/Out of Office?

I guess I'm stuck in the past, but the Office Ribbon still hasn't grown on me. I think it makes discovering stuff harder rather than easier, more than once I've been stuck on trying to find the word count menu button (if it's so smart, shouldn't it know I was looking for that?). I ran across this Search feature in a Visual Studio Magazine editorial, and can't help but smile/smirk/wonder at the need to have an add-in to help people find commands. Probably not entirely fair, the menu options for any Office product are fairly rich, but does this seem like a good UI feature to need?

While I'm pondering the features of Office 2007, anyone have any idea why they don't have an out of office feature for those not on Exchange? Maybe it's there and I can't find it, but seems like a more configurable option would server everyone well; enter date out/back in the office, reply once to any give email with those dates and be done with it.


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Posted by Steve Jones on 23 December 2008

It's not there for non-Exchange people as this is a server function. I've set mine with my email hoster using Webmail.

You would think there would be a better way.

Posted by Phil Factor on 25 December 2008

The awful office ribbon is one of the worst abominations ever inflicted on us by the fat-headed Microsoft Office Team designers. For a start it is irritating to have the patronizing assumption that we are all too dumb to understand menus. Then the authoritarian decision to prevent us switching off the dire device, and get back to the menus that we've been using all those years. to crown it all, it is a cloth-brained extravagant use of screen space. You 'softies may all have vast 30' screens but some of us are in the real world. This is so irritating that we look on the old animated paperclip with a sort of nostalgia. At least one could turn that particular product of corporate mass-madness and group delusion off.

It is lucky that this is the season of goodwill otherwise i'd have given vent to my feelings in an unrestrained way.

Posted by Andy Warren on 29 December 2008

Go Phil!

My friend Ken Tucker sent me a link to a 3rd party app that brings back the old menus: www.accmsoft.com/office-2007-classic-menu

Undecided about trying it, but sorely tempted!

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