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Is the PASS Summit Too Big?

By Andy Warren, 2008/11/30

That's the question posed by Kalen Delaney in a write up on Is a SQL event of more than 2k or 3k attendees too big? Is there a point where it is too big?

First, I'd say that I'm a big fan of local and regional events. They present a lower cost of entry (often free) and the travel cost is reduced or eliminated. The two more subtle advantages are new speakers (I like hearing new views) and getting to meet those that are still on the low side of the learning curve (they are less likely to do a national conference).

But liking local/regional events doesn't mean there isn't a place for a national event. Part of that is there is no other way to get together the group of people I call friends, PASS is our link! We're dispersed across the US and more, so if we only regional events we'd see a smaller set of friends (though I realize that we're going to be meeting new people regardless of the event size/location). The other part is that it's healthy and even necessary to have an event that serves as a goal for the best and brightest in our profession.

So, does a bigger event present problems that a smaller event fixes? Let's see what I can come up with:

As I think on this is really comes down to logistics. If the event is well run, the rooms are sized appropriately, lunch lines are minimal, I don't think the event size matters, though I think focus on the networking piece should be increased.

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