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Digging into Replication

By Andy Warren, 2008/11/24

It's fun to read good work, and my friend Kendal Van Dyke recently posted How CommitBatchSize And CommitBatchThreshold Affect Replication. He was looking for the answer to how/when to alter the values of those two settings and BOL just didn't make it clear, so after the standard bit of asking and searching, did the testing to figure it out for himself and identified a minor bug in the process of doing so.

Kendal might disagree, but I think it's perhaps his best blog post because he shows he can identify a point that might be useful and dig in to understand it, and when blocked, go deeper to research it himself. It's what I expect from a good Senior DBA but don't always find. The other part is taking the time and having a place to document his efforts, so that he leverages his investment.

So, read the link to learn about something interesting in replication, or read it to see a good example of research, or read it to see how it makes sense to have a blog to post a lesson learned.

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