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Water & Cell Phones Don't Mix

Obviously, right?

I managed to knock my Blackberry Curve off the bar and into a bowl of water in the sink. Sinking feeling. After a day of drying it would power back on, but only show a JVM-102 error. Found some instructions via Google on how to fix; download a utility to wipe the OS, download the OS and reapply using the Desktop Manager, request new service books for email, and finally, sync my Outlook address book to the phone so I have my contacts again. Much to my surprise it worked without issue, everything back and working in about 20 minutes. For another couple days the background had a mottled look in the background, but that seems to have cleared up. Phone and email are fine, but the camera doesn't seem to have recovered. Camera not a critical feature, but I do use it and so I'll have to replace it sooner or later.

Not for the first time makes me glad I rely on Outlook and sync'ing vs storing contact info in the SIM chip.

I don't buy the extended replacement plans, this is the first phone that I've managed to trash to any degree in years, and I think I only managed to lose one since I've had a cell phone, and luckily it was a work phone covered by warranty there. Warranties...like insurance....always look good when you don't have them! At about $5 a month for the replacement plan, so the odds are only so so that you come out ahead not getting it - 5 years = $300, and a replacement phone can easily be that much if it's a smart phone.

Supposedly the Blackberry Bold will ship this month, seems to be endlessly delayed. Once I look at it I can compare to the iPhone and decide what will be next.


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Posted by kevin J on 22 October 2008

May I suggest the AquaPac. Much cheaper than insurance.  

# You can speak, hear and dial normally through the case

# Floats with your iPhone inside

# Foam-padded for extra protection

# 100% Sandproof and waterproof to 15ft

# Supplied with detachable, adjustable neck cord

# Use your iPhone safely in all conditions

# Tough Vinyl construction



Posted by Kevin J on 22 October 2008

Hold off on the iPhone.  Check out the G1 from Google.  It was just released today.



Posted by Andy Warren on 22 October 2008

I use ATT, so I'll have to wait to see what Android-ish phone pops up there. The G1 looks interesting, surprised me that the iPhone didn't go with the slider/real keyboard - I think that would have converted a lot more Blackberry users.

Posted by John Magnabosco on 22 October 2008

How ironic. I recently doused my cell phone due to a careless placement of a glass of water. The speaker sounded funny at first and started beeping. After taking the battery out for an hour everything was fine. While my phone is an ancient relic in today's standards it still held valuable numbers. Unfortunately mine does not have the sync option.

Maybe I should have hoped the water had more of an affect. :D

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