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Blog Changes on & Visiting The IndyTechFest

By Andy Warren, 2008/10/03

Perhaps you've noticed a few of the blog changes if you visit via the web rather than RSS. One good change is that it's now single sign on, so logged in SSC members can comment. Aside from that, I had hoped for greater visibility for blogs and an increased emphasis (SSC runs a very distant second to It almost feels like a step backward:

Interesting situation, not many blog posts here so not much reason to put in effort to improving the tools, not having great tools/exposure lessens the potential bloggers. Not sure what the strategy is.

Separately, I'm at the Indianapolis Airport writing this, waiting on Steve Jones to arrive so we can make our way to hotel and the site of the IndyTechFest tomorrow. John Magnabosco has done a really nice job of communicating about the event to registrants and I'm exciting to see how the event is run tomorrow, hoping for ideas to take back to Orlando. If you're attending please say hello, always (well, almost) have time to talk.


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