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Notes from the Sep 24, 2008 Orlando .Net User Group Meeting

By Andy Warren, 2008/09/30

I don't seem to find the time often, but recently I was able to fit in another visit to the ONETUG meeting. They've got a great venue, a large meeting room at Orlando City Hall, the only downside is finding your way to it the first time and finding parking (about $5 in the garage across the street). Standard pizza for food courtesy of Tews, good enough. Attendance was 30-35, a good showing. Their meeting runs from 7-9 pm compared to 6-8 pm for our SQL group, I like the later start but not the later ending. No good answer to that.

One new thing they are trying is a book swap/library, have users bring in some books and do some swapping, save some money on the Amazon bill. Not sure how it scales or if it will work, but seems like the perfect kind of thing for a user community. They are already starting to get ready for the next Orlando Code Camp scheduled for Mar/April next year, and that's really good news. Jessica Sterner just took over as President from Shawn Weisfeld in July, and while she was pretty involved in the earlier Code Camps, planning some extra time will cushion the lessons yet to be learned (there are always lessons!).

Featured speaker was Joe Healy of Microsoft talking about the new features added in Visual Studio SP1. I'm not a huge fan of adding features with service packs, but I get that the world is moving faster for better or worse. Decent presentation without only minimal marketing fluff, and he did a nice job of conveying his enthusiam about the value that the new features add. You can download the presentation deck from Also got a nice plug from Joe about the upcoming SQLSaturday #8 in Orlando during the presentation. One piece I had not seen before was about ASP.Net Routing - looks like URL rewriting plus, will have to read more on it.

We adjourned about 9 pm and made it to the after social bar by about 9:30, about 10 attending, light discussion about upcoming events in Florida but nothing too exciting.

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