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Tool Review: Hamachi VPN

By Andy Warren, 2008/07/31

Maybe I haven't looked at the right products, but two years ago when we needed a VPN solution there wasn't much that was either reasonably low cost or reasonably easy to administer. We needed something that would allow a handful of users remote access to our network. The so called SOHO solutions are basically a VPN on time of the the standard wireless router, but we tried a couple without much success.  We had just started to look into reflashing one of those routers with a third party VPN solution when we ran across Hamachi.

Hamachi is different from what you might expect. It's software only, and runs as a peer to peer VPN. Download and set up is easily under 10 minutes. You can have multiple VPN's, share files across (or not) and control who joins the network. When you start up the client it connects to a 'mediation server' that in turn figures out what other clients on your network are available and then sets up encrypted tunnels between peers. Your data doesn't go across the Hamachi servers and the VPN continue to work if they have an outage.

It's free for personal use, $40/year per server so that it can run as a service. Details at, This is also my first entrie on my long overdue tools page.

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