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Blogging on

By Andy Warren, 2008/07/30

Recently my friend Steve (managing editor of SSC) posted to his blog about The Bad Karma Project that has to do with the state of blogs here on SSC. Going back to the time when we added blogs to the site I was ambivalent about it at best, thinking dedicated blog sites did a better job than we ever could, but it is a service that people find value in it and I think Red Gate has done by the community to continue to maintain the service,'s badly in need of upgrade and while that seems to be in progress, it also seems to have been that way for a while!

For me there are four key improvements needed that I believe would be good for the bloggers as well as the overall community:

Free, unsolicited advice about changes that I think could be made to SSC, and as a blogger I'm probably biased on all of them.

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