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Jacksonville Code Camp Set for August 23, 2008

By Andy Warren, 2008/07/15

The fourth annual Jacksonville Code Camp is set for August 23, 2008 and it looks like they are off to a good start. Last years event was only a mild success, they've gotten started a little earlier this year so that should translate to a better event.

I see a couple of interesting differences from previous years. One is that they are taking "suggestions" for sessions and they will have the users vote to see which sessions are accepted. That's a step beyond what we do for SQLSaturday where we ask speakers to submit and also ask registrants to suggest sessions, the later being very handy if you're a want to be speaker looking for a topic. I suspect from looking at the suggestions that most were submitted by the speaker, so I'm not sure if the change in the first part matters, but the second part, the vote? It'll be interesting to see, but I think I'd vote for a slightly less democratic approach - thats why you have an event organizer, someone to try to juggle the priorities so that you can get appropriate content if you are a beginner, expert, or proverbial propeller head.

The second change is that they actually have a written sponsor policy, something we've focused on from the beginning at the SQLSaturday events and which I think has really helped us cover expenses and treat sponsors as partners. These are good changes and I look forward to attending to see what else they've come up with to make it even better than before.

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