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Notes on My Visit To The Space Coast Users Group

By Andy Warren, 2008/06/12

I visited the Space Coast group last night, hosted by Ken Tucker, and did about 90 minute of SQL Q&A with a nice group of developers who were all interested in data access (perhaps those not interested didn't attend!). We talked about partitioning, indexing, concurrency, blocking, deadlocks, stored procedure performance, and of course LINQ. They had good questions! Thanks to Ken and crew for inviting me to attend, and hats off to them for broadening their scope a little beyond .Net to address the needs of their members.

Also, Ken has secured a great facility for his group, a local bank has their headquarters in Melbourne no more than a mile from I-95, nice meeting room with tons of space, big whiteboards, and they provide a projector as well. Keep them happy so you can stay there!


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