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SQLSaturday #4 Wrap Up

By Andy Warren, 2008/06/08

Attendance on Saturday about 450 across the communities (SQL, .Net, DNN, etc). Not as big as we'd hoped, but still a win when you get a chance to provide training and network time for the community. Kudos to Joe Healy for organizing the overall event and getting MS to fund it, and a special thanks to our speakers for their contribution to the event. Jessica Sterner (newly elected President of ONETUG) organized the after party at a local night club and it really went well, right at 200 attendees.

The highlight (as far I'm concerned) was the printer smash ala Office Space by three of our attendees. MS got it on video, we'll hope it turns out well and gets published! Funny footnote on the printer, turned out to be harder than we thought to find a junk printer, ended up buying the cheapest ($75) printer we could find. Note for those who might want to try the same, don't a multi function printer! We had the printer on a tarp and the 'smasher's had safety goggles, but we still ended up with glass on the floor from the scanner.

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