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Orlando Heroes Launch Event

By Andy Warren, 2008/04/27

I attended this on Friday along with fellow oPASS members Mike Antonovich and Ulysses Vasquez to represent PASS, and we were joined at the community table along with Shawn Weisfeld of The Orlando .Net Users Group and Ken Tucker of The Space Coast .Net Users Group. We saw a lot of people we already knew and met quite a few new people too. They had us set up the same room as the lunch boxes (nice MS fabric bags with snacks, water, and juice) so we had pretty good traffic flow by the table.

PASS sent a box for raffle tickets, some issues of the SQL Server Standard, raffle entry tickets, and three PASS logo'd polo's for us to wear (more than INETA sent for the .Net guys). Haven't counted but we probably had 50 people enter the raffle, some that are already oPASS members. Found at near the end that MS could have provided a bar code reader for $295 if we'd asked (could have brought my own as well) which would have really made a difference.

The event itself seemed to go fine, reasonably organized, plenty of stuff to drink and some snacks for the attendees. Im guessing 500 attended the morning session and about the same in the afternoon. Didn't have the 'wow' factor that you see at some MS events, but maybe thats good:-)

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