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Notes About our Raffle of the One Laptop Per Child Laptop at Orlando Code Camp

By Andy Warren, 2008/03/24

I've blogged about the OLPC project a couple times already, not as a political statement but just as a fascinating idea based on some interesting technology and a vision - which if bold - could have a long lasting impact on some of the poorest countries in the world. We typically purchase something techie as a raffle item when we sponsor events (monitor, GPS, etc), but the OLPC thing felt interesting and like good karma!

We set it at up the Orlando Code Camp and had a LOT of people stop to ask about it. Here are some of the common comments/questions we received:

It was fun to get it and share it with a lot of people and I hope the winner enjoys it or finds a way to give it to someone that will. As a raffle prize I think it wasn't the greatest; we spent more time talking about the laptop than we did about our training services! Maybe the good karma will translate to business though.

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