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Orlando Code Code Follow Up

By Andy Warren, 2008/03/23

Although attendance was down this year (around 280 attendees) due to it being held Easter weekend, I thought this was easily the best of the Orlando Code Camps so far. More volunteers, better logistics, and definitely a great site (same as we used for SQLSaturday#1 in Orlando) all combined to make it a first class event. Kudos to ONETUG leader Shawn Weisfeld, Jessica Sterner, Fabio Honigmann, and the rest of the volunteers for doing great work and providing a terrific service to the community.

Saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones, too numerous to list but here are a few; Roy Lawson (Lakeland .Net Users Group), Kathy Malone (great talk about organizing and sustaining community events), John Pharris from Comsys, Jack Corbett, Ryan Dorrell from Agilethought in Tampa, Jim Wooley (Linqman and part of the Atlanta .Net Group), Michael Webb from Cybreze (DNN master), Diego Samuilov, Wes Dumey, former student Jeff Mullen, upcoming student Cassandry Nealy.

As always, I pay a lot of attention to logistics, looking for ideas that will help make the SQLSaturday format more successful (and which we share back with ONETUG), so here are the ones from this time:

Great event, and some of the conversations helped me better form a couple ideas that I've been working on, will try to blog in more detail later this week.

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