Printed 2017/08/20 09:50AM

Using TripIt for Travel Plans

By Andy Warren, 2008/02/26

Not a SQL related topic today. 

I first noticed Tripit on Joels Blog and so far it solves a problem I've had from time to time; making sense out of all the various email messages I get when I book a trip. Their implementation is simple, just forward the email from the vendor (Expedia, etc) to them and they parse the message and then put it back into a standard Tripit format. For the most part it works painlessly, identifying which items go to which trip and only occasionally telling me that it didn't recognize the email format and would just add the information as unparsed text to the trip report. I still throw all those notifications into my travel folder just in case, but so far this is easy and effective. No charge so far and nothing I've seen about how they intend to monetize, will be interesting to see.

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