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Getting Geeks (IT Pro's) To Talk at User Group Meetings

By Andy Warren, 2008/02/14

User groups have to be about more than technical content if you want to sustain them over the long term, and the best way to create that 'more' is to work on getting attendees to talk to each other. Here in Orlando we experiment with different ways of doing this and at our last meeting what we tried was breaking up into teams of two and three to see who could solve the most logic problems within about 15 minutes. It worked pretty well, fun to watch to see the various strategies; working together to solve one problem at a time, splitting up the problems across team members, and trying to identity the easy problems. Our winning team actually solved eight using the divide and conquer plus find the easiest problem method.

We'll probably try it again sometime in the future but it's probably not something we want to do at every meeting just to keep things interesting, but this was fun!

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