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Chipotle - A Model Business? Or Just Good Food?

By Andy Warren, 2008/02/06

Had a friend forward this link to me about Chipotle and it's worth reading if you either A, like Chipotle/Mexican food, or B, like to learn from businesses that are well run and growing. I eat there a couple times a month probably for the same reasons many do; inexpensive, fresh ingredients, reasonably health, good service at lunch. The article looks into their culture a little bit and part of why I enjoyed the article is it reminds me of our (Brian, Steve, and myself) approach to business. If you asked us to really really summarize our business philosphy it would come down to 'play our game our way' and 'treat people the way we want to be treated'. Not fancy, perhaps even simplistic, but it worked on and again for our training business. Are we in the same class of Chipotle? Not even close, we're about 4 billion dollars short so far!

And as a strange aside, we actually used to use Chipolte as one of our four standard lunch options for classes but finally switched them for Olive Garden - you know why? We just spent too much time explaining to students who had not been there how to order from their menu!

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