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Comments on "The Exceptional Presenter"

By Andy Warren, 2007/12/27

I purchased The Exceptional Presenter recently as part of my professional development spending. I currently work primarily as a trainer and I've done some training/speaking going back almost 20 years, but by no means would I consider myself to be exceptional. Some things I think I do reasonably well, some areas I still struggle with. Often it's less about speaking and more about how to convey a technical concept, but I definitely have room to improve just on the speaking side. Subject came up for two reasons; one is I'm working on a new speaker evaluation process for events, and the other is that I want to revise and extend my class on Successful Technical Speaking (a free class I do a few times each year).

This book is really a lot more about presence, posture, and process than it is about how to train or teach. I've learned a few things already and am looking forward to trying some of their suggestions for practicing the techniques. Not sure that will translate into success, but it's worth spending some time on. Even if you're not a speaker or trainer odds are at some point these skills come in handy when you move into managment or start dealing directly with clients.

Try the book, it's a good read.

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