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PCMagazine Goes to Monthly Format

By Andy Warren, 2007/12/26

I don't have a URL handy for it, but in the latest print issue of PC Mag they announced changing to 12 issues a year compared to the 22 issues a year it has been forever. I've been reading PC Mag since 1988 and it's been sad to see the exodus of so many long term columnists and the change/rechange in focus as they try to find their way. Not just them of course, technical magazines in general continue to shrink and decline more than most magazine segments. I suspect that is because more than the other segments the IT professional increasingly wants their information available online and eschews paper.

I think it's our loss. Web reading just doesn't match print, even when web contented is printed via the nearest laser. It's good to read something that occasionally isn't 100% on topic but turns out to be interesting and useful anyway, and the ads seem more useful if less entertaining. Have to wonder if we'll see a similar decline in other segments over the next 10-20 years?

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