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Upgrading to Office 2007

By Andy Warren, 2007/12/20

I've put this off for a while, but I needed a break from the routine and I'm starting to get a few things sent to me in the newer formats so maybe there is some level of adoption. After fighting through some install issues because I had the 2007 to 2003 converters installed it's running finally. I've seen the previews and know about the ribbons, but in practice it IS different and at this early place frustrating - I used to know where everything was located! I'm sure that will change soon enough, and then maybe I can see if really does increase my productivity (I'm skeptical, but we'll see). More practically speaking each version does add some nice options. For instance, I see that Outlook now has a dialog that controls whether programmatic access is allowed and the new todo bar looks interesting, it's definitely a step in the right direction. I've made a note to revisit in a couple months to see if there was any 'killer feature' or productivy enhancing piece. Note that neither of those is necessarily required to validate the value of the upgrade, but it would be nice.

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