Printed 2017/08/20 12:35AM

Steve Jones Finally Reads My Blog!

By Andy Warren, 2007/10/25

I've been following Steve's exploits trying to learn the podcasting business and we usually talk about it once a week or so, just me as a sounding board/podcast skeptic. We were talking yesterday about the podcasts and I had mentioned something about making a note for my blog, and he responded that he had just looked at it for the first time. I'm famous!

Well, perhaps not quite yet. I think it does point a weakness on the SSC side that they don't bring blogs into the fold as much as maybe they should. To be fair that weakness goes back pre Red Gate. Still, I'd like to see all the SSC blogs at least considered for inclusion on the front page and daily newsletter. Don't know if automaticaly inclusion would work because not every blog entry - perhaps especially this one - aren't likely to be of interest to the general community.

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