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SQLSaturday Update - 215 Registered!

By Andy Warren, 2007/10/21

We're at 215 registered with 3 weeks to the big day! This week I'll be having the last planning meeting with our facility host and finalizing the food plans (anyone know how much coffee we need for 200+ attendees?). PASS will be giving us a nice mention in their next Connector and we've asked all our speakers to reblog/recontact their lists to finish getting the word out. We're drawing people from all over Florida and a few from outside the state too!

At this point the biggest worry I have is logistics. Signs to get people to the event, signs to get them to the rooms, having enough and the right kind of food, tables for sponsors, tables for food, cups, ice, water, trash bags, check in and registering walk ins, etc, etc. We'll have about 10 volunteers at the event (each working about 2 hours so they can still enjoy the sessions) and that will really help, but I suspect the biggest pain will come from the things we just didn't think of (or thought of and forgot) in advance.

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