Printed 2017/08/20 03:41PM

Flawed URL Validation and Not Eating Your Own Dog Food

By Andy Warren, 2007/09/25

MS includes a bunch of reasonably nice validation controls in VS 2005 and one of them includes the ability to validate that a string is a valid (syntactically) a URL. Sort of. If you don't prefix it with 'http://', it says it's invalid. I'd argue that we could just assume it's supposed to be there, but I guess erring on the side of caution is ok. But today, I was just about to post a link on about;en-us;912914&sd=rss&spid=2855 and the stupid control says it is not a valid URL, yet clearly I can browse to it! Possibly I'm missing some service pack, hot fix, or super secret turbo switch. Then again, maybe the MSDN guys don't use their own controls?

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