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SQLSaturday Schedule Announced

By Andy Warren, 2007/08/27

Our one day free SQL Server event is slowly gaining momentum! Draft schedule is at 30 sessions total and a great list of speakers. If you're near Orlando on Nov 10th hope you'll plan to attend.

Mike AntonovichUsing CASE in TSQL
Joe HealyADO.NET Synchronization Services in .NET 3.5
Shawn Weisfeld.NET CLR Basics
Trey JohnsonIntegrating Data Mining with SSIS
David EichnerUsing Microsoft Dynamics GP Stored Procedures
Jose FuentesWorking with an XML Data Structure in SQL 2005 and
Barry RalstonAmazon for Everyone, Data Mining & SQL 2005
Jeffrey GarbusIndex Selection for SQL Server 2005
Jean-Claude ArmandSQL Server 2008 Data Warehousing Enhancements - 2
Jessica MossMDX: From WITH To WHERE
Andy WarrenTransactional Replication Tips & Tricks
Pam ShawTips and Tricks for Reporting Services
Kevin JacobsError Handling in SQL Server 2005 Try..Catch
Patrick ThompsonHow XML Changes Database design
Brian KnightSQL Server 2008 New Feature Overview
Scott FarrissXML in SQL Server 2005
Jon WinerCLR User Defined Functions - Real World Examples
Mike AntonovichHow to Become a DBA
Donnie ReynoldsComparing SQL Server 2005 to Oracle 10g
Kendal Van DykeXML Features in SQL 2005
Michael WellsSQL Server 2005 Compact Edition in Action
Joe CelkoSQL Programming Style
Wes DumeyIntroduction to SQL Server Integration Services
Wes DumeyDesigning Data Warehouse Practices with SQL Server
Ken TuckerLinq
Bayer WhitePersisting and Tracking Workflows using Sql Server
Trey JohnsonSSIS Patterns and Practices
Joe CelkoTBA
Chris RockUsing DDL Triggers
Brandon KellySQL Server 2005: Sql Management Objects (SMO)
Brian KnightPerformance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services
Jean-Claude ArmandSQL Server 2008 Data Warehousing Enhancements - 1

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