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Tampa Code Camp - Again

By Andy Warren, 2007/07/18

This turned out to be a nice event, better venue than last year. Well organized is always appreciated even at free events. Kudos to Keith & Keith at VisualGov for a first class job.

Brian, Chris, and I did our presentations on Sat and all went pretty well, we gave away a bunch of books and coffee mugs mostly to make some room in my office! Only downside was that because we were either presenting or manning the End to End Table there wasn't much time to enjoy the other sessions. Had a chance to talk with the facility AV guy to ask about their projectors (because they seemed kinda large), said they were 5000 lumen projectors that ran about $7500 each. We use a 2000 lumen projector in our classroom and once in a while I look up at the wrong moment and it about blinds me, not sure anyone needs 5000 lumens. And we still had to dim the lights to make everyone happy.
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