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July Question: If you could pick your manager, what ideal qualities would he or she have?


I think all of us have had poor, good, and great managers at one time or another in our career. So this month’s question is “If you could pick your manager, what ideal qualities would he or she have?” Not only tell us what you think a manager’s ideal qualities are, but tell us why you think they are important.

Post your responses to the SQL Server Question of the Month in the comments section below (at if you are viewing this from a syndicated newsfeed). And don’t forget to enter your e-mail address when you post your response, so I can contact you if you win.

Because there is no right or wrong answer, this month’s winner will be selected randomly from all the entries that are received.

This Month’s Prizes

SQL Backup

The prizes this month are an voucher worth US $50.00 and a license for new SQL Backup Pro 7 with one year of support and upgrades. SQL Backup Pro compresses, strengthens and encrypts SQL Server backups. New features in version 7 include integrated backup verification (so you can easily use DBCC CHECKDB to check whether your backups are corrupt) and scheduled restores. To download a free trial, visit the Red Gate website.

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