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The SQL in the City US Tour

By Brad McGehee, 2012/05/29


If you haven’t heard yet, Red Gate Software is sponsoring a six city tour of the United States of its SQL in the City conference. This one day free conference will be held at the following cities.


Each event includes five different sessions in each of three different tracks: Database Administration Track, Developer Track, and the Red Gate Track. Sessions will not only cover general SQL Server topics, but attendees will also have the opportunity to attend Red Gate tool specific sessions in order to learn more about how to become more productive DBAs.

Not only will Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones, and myself will be speaking, but other well-known DBAs will also be speaking. The final speaker and session list will be posted on the website soon.

You may want to register soon, as each venue is limited to only 300 attendees. Visit to register.

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