Printed 2017/08/19 11:20AM

When Will You Upgrade to SQL Server 2012?


This is a reprint from my editorial in Database Weekly. Also, check out the May Question of the Month, as it is also directly related to this topic.

Often when I speak at user groups and conferences, I ask attendees what versions of SQL Server they are running. As you may expect, I hear from attendees who are running the entire gamut of SQL Server versions, from SQL Server 6.5 up to SQL Server 2012. While it is an unscientific poll, it seems that most people are still running SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.

SQL Server 2012 RTM was announced on March 6 and went into general availability on April 2, but I have talked only to a very small handful of DBAs who are even thinking about upgrading to 2012, let alone having already done so. So why doesn’t everybody immediately upgrade to the latest edition of SQL Server when it is released? Why are there so many older versions of SQL Server in the wild?

Some of the most common reasons I hear include:

So I have several questions for you. Have you upgraded any of your instances to SQL Server 2012 yet, and if so, how did the upgrade go? If you haven’t upgraded to SQL Server 2012 yet, when do you expect to? And besides what I have listed above, what other reasons or impediments have you run across that prevent you from upgrading to 2012?

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