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October Question: Tell us about your favorite experience as a participant in the SQL Server community.

There is a thriving world-wide DBA community that offers many opportunties meet other DBAs, to learn from others, and to share your knowledge. Based on your personal experience, tell us about your favorite experience as a participant in the SQL Server community. For example, tell us about meeting someone new, something you have learned from another, or what knowledge you have shared with others.

Post your responses to the above SQL Server Question of the Month in the comments section below (at www.bradmcgehee.com if you are viewing this from a syndicated newsfeed). And don’t forget to enter your e-mail address when you post your response, so I can contact you if you win.

Because there is no right or wrong answer, this month’s winner will be selected randomly from all the entries that are received.

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Posted by Jeff Moden on 5 October 2010

Where do you want us to post the email address that some screen scraper bot and the rest of the world won't have access to?  Will this optional "Your URL" thing show up to the public or remain private?

So far as my favorite experience as a participant in the SQL Server community goes... it happens every single day at least once.  Whether it's on the SQLServerCentral forums, at work, at my local PASS meetings, or in a remote presentation, I teach someone something new every single day.  There's only one greater joy than that... I also learn something new every single day from those same interactions.  Remember... "Pass it forward".  It always comes back and in ways you'd never expect.

Posted by rodjkidd on 5 October 2010

I have to say this years SQL bits, which I've just come back from. Not trying to sound to sickly sweet, but spending time with people I'd met at previous SQL Bits. Getting to talk to Brent Oznar and Kevin Kline from Quest. Meeting Buck Woody for the first time - not something I will forget easily! Having a chat with some guy called, oh what was it, Brad something or other! Oh and managing to walk away with a giant bean bag!

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 5 October 2010

If you go to www.bradmcgehee.com/.../october-question-tell-us-about-your-favorite-experience-as-a-participant-in-the-sql-server-community, you can enter the contest and include your e-mail address, which will remain hidden and private.

Posted by ubeauty on 5 October 2010

Have to agree with rodjkidd, as a newbie it was my first SQL bits and what an eye-opener to say the least.

I met some great people, walked away with a few goodies and overall had the best time. I came away buzzing with excitement and loads of ideas and plans on how i could use my newly found wealth of information.

Thanks to all at SQL Bits and thanks to all at SQL Server Central, the dedication and commitment you guys throw into here blows me away!! :)

Posted by Boris Hristov on 5 October 2010

As a member of the SQL Server Group in Bulgaria, I think that my favorite experience, till now, is one of our recent group meetings, where I met a lot of DBAs from HP and we have a great open discussion with Margarita Naumova (MCM SQL Server 2005 and 2008) except from the regular sessions held on the meeting. This woman is absolute master(!) and it's always a special feeling to talk with her, especially on some kind of SQL Server topic...

Posted by mohanvpattar on 11 October 2010

This is very usefull stuff and I am Fallowing links  almost every day and they have lot of informations required in our day to day activities

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