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Please Provide PASS with Feedback on its Speaker’s Resource Pages


The PASS Program Committee is gearing up for the 2010 PASS Community Summit “Call for Speakers”, and it would like your feedback on its Speaker’s Resource and its Online Speaker Resources web pages. (Yes, I know the names of these pages are confusing, and this is something that will be fixed). I’m a member of the PASS Program Committee, and participate in the role of Speaker Management, so I have been asked to be the focal point for collecting this feedback. Once I get your feedback, I will then summarize and present it to the committee.

Please offer any feedback you would like on the two web pages in question. Below, I have suggested some areas where we would specifically like feedback, but feel free to offer any feedback that is related to the PASS “Call for Speakers”.

Below are the areas where we would like your feedback.

1) PASS offers a Speaker’s Resource Page that provides information for PASS speakers about the “Call for Speakers” process, and other related information. Currently, it has not been updated for 2010, but if you could review this page, and tell us what you think about it, it would be very helpful. Specifically, tell us what is good about the existing content, what needs to be improved with the existing content, and what content is missing. This web page can be accessed without having to log onto the PASS website.

2) PASS also offers the Online Speaker Resources web page. This page is very different from the Speaker’s Resource Page web page in that it only lists online resources that can be helpful for any speaker, whether they are for speaking at the PASS Community Summit, or speaking at a local users group. We would like your feedback on the existing resources on this page, plus if you have any suggestions for additional speaking resources, please tell us. Because the Online Speaker Resources web page is so closely related to the Speaker’s Resource Page, we also want your feedback on whether or not you think these two pages should be combined, or if they should remain separate. To view this web page, you have to log onto the PASS website.

Because this blog in syndicated to more than one website, please post all of your comments at my blog, www.bradmcgehee.com, which will make it much easier for me to collect and summarize all of the feedback. While comments have to be approved before they are published (to prevent spam), they will all be approved and published as soon as possible. If you want to give your real name, that’s great, but you can also provide your feedback anonymously. If you have any questions, please post them along with your feedback.

So whether you have been a past PASS Community Summit speaker, or you are thinking about becoming a speaker, we would like to hear from you.


Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 4 March 2010

Please make all of your comments at the following web page: www.bradmcgehee.com/.../please-provide-pass-with-feedback-on-its-speakers-resource-pages

Posted by Anonymous on 11 March 2010

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