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Travel Recap for 2009


Starting Wednesday, December 9, 2009, I am on vacation until Monday, January 4th, 2010. Instead of traveling somewhere else for my vacation, I will be staying home in Hawaii, catching up after a busy year of travel.

I was just compiling my travel statistics for the year, and this is what I discovered (somewhat to my amazement):

  • I attended 7 major conferences.
  • I traveled to Cambridge, England (to visit with my co-workers at Red Gate Software), 2 times.
  • I made 33 public presentations, speaking to 1,853 attendees.
  • I gave presentations in 21 different cities.
  • I gave presentations in 6 different countries.
  • I traveled just over 135,000 miles by air; I didn’t keep track of rental car miles.
  • I traveled 125 days,which included staying overnight at hotels, private homes, and in airplanes.

I knew I had traveled a lot, but I hadn’t realized that I was on the road for 125 days, a record for me. I am already planning my travel for 2010, and I think I will try to reduce my traveling, although it will certainly still be a busy travel year.


Posted by Luciano Evaristo Guerche (Gorše) on 8 December 2009

What tool have you used to track all these information? tripit.com?

Posted by Steve Jones on 8 December 2009

Wow, I thought I had a busy year with 7 trips for work. I'm not planning on getting anywhere close to 125 days. I think my count on the road was about 25 days and I want to reduce that amount.

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 8 December 2009

I use TripIt.com to track most of my travel, although it is not always 100% accurate. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of each trip, where I speak, and how many people attend. The picture above is of Auckland Harbor in Auckland, NZ, taken from the Auckland Sky Tower.

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