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What’s the Typical Resignation Notice Period for DBAs?

By Brad McGehee, 2009/06/24

I was recently talking to a friend from the U.K  about how much notice a DBA should give to their employer should they decide to resign. I told him that the general practice for the U.S. was two weeks, but of course this could vary if the DBA signed an employment contract that stated a shorter or longer notice period.

He was surprised to here that only two weeks notice was standard. He expected it to be longer because of the importance of most DBA positions, and the common difficulty of replacing a DBA position in a timely manner. Then I got to thinking, in the several full-time DBA jobs I have had, two weeks notice was what the organizations I had worked for requested. Then I thought some more. I had answered by friend’s question based on my own personal experience, not based on any facts I had.

Next, I decided to see if I could find any facts about the typical resignation notice that DBAs give their organizations, but I couldn’t find any data on this. I guess its not the kind of data people research and publish.

So, here’s my question to you. Based on your past and current jobs as a DBA, has a two week resignation notice been the norm, or not? It will be very interesting to see what various DBAs experiences have been.


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