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What Would You Like to See in a Book on Database Maintenance?

I am working on the outline of a new book I am writing, tentatively called Mastering SQL Server Database Maintenance. It will loosely be based on a similar presentation I give at user groups and conferences.

If you have the time, I would like to get your opinions on one or more of the following topics.


1) Who should the book be targeted to? Who would benefit most from reading such a book?


2) Should the book focus on getting the most out of the Database Maintenance Wizard, should it only mention the Database Maintenance Plan in passing, or should it ignore the Database Maintenance Wizard completely?


3) Should the book emphasize using the Management Studio GUI to get work done, or should it emphasize using T-SQL scripts, or a combination of them both?


4) What topics do you think should be included in the book? Below I have provided a “starting” list. Do you think these topics are important, or not? What topics have I left out?

  • Physical File Fragmentation
  • Database and Log File Management
  • tempdb Maintenance
  • msdb Maintenance
  • Index Maintenance
  • Statistics Maintenance
  • Data Corruption Detection
  • Database and Log File Protection (Backups)
  • Database Maintenance Monitoring


5) What other suggestions do have for such a book?


If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


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Posted by Yamachari on 29 June 2009

1) Entry to mid-level DBAs

2) Never really used it.

3) Combination of both. Entry level DBAs, especially those thrust into the position, will need the GUI help.

4) Waits & Queues -- I'd buy a book for this subject alone. I have learned a lot about SQL Server from the methodology but it was real slow going at first.

5) None.

My $.02

Posted by gandtree on 1 July 2009

dos and don'ts on database maintenance;

some useful 3rd part tools for database maintenance

Posted by Phillip Carter on 6 July 2009

I'd probably add a section that walks through scenario of setting/checking maintenance on production server.

Dos and Don'ts for different environments. ie: Don't schedule a full index rebuild on the 100GB database that has to be available 24x7 ;)

I could live with chapter on Maintenance Plan Wizard, as long as it highlights the good and bad points on using the Wizard.

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