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I’m a PC and I’m an MVP!

At the recent MVP conference I attended, Microsoft filmed a promotion for their ad campaign. They had the entire MVP audience shout “I’m a PC and I’m an MVP", which was captured on video. You can see a blog about this here, and view the video here.

By some odd chance of luck, you can see me in the front row, shouting along with all of the other MVPs.


Posted by Steve Jones on 7 March 2009

Better you than me! It's kind of funny to see all the MVPs chanting along.

Posted by danknight on 13 March 2009

It strikes me odd that MS is marketing itself around the "I'm a PC" motif. Especially when they do such a horrible job of it compared to Apple (not surprising it's Apple's game plan). I told all my family & friends about the Windows 7 Beta video that MS entitled: "A peek at the coolness to come", by saying: "Windows 7 - the coolness to come, Not! Mac OS, the coolness that IS!"

Further the "I'm a PC" campaign simply shows how behind the cutting edge MS is. The aforementioned video showing two guys with laptops with stickers saying "I'm a PC", demonstrated that these guys were anything but cool. And the "new" & presumably "cool" features of Windows 7 are already standard fare on the Mac.

And now you tell me MS - which has some definitely great products (just a dubious marketing dept) - has coerced their MVP into singing the "uncool" song. Rather unfortunate, really, because it denigrates the professional and respectable reputation MVP have earned.

Being "cool" means not having to tell people you're "cool".

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 13 March 2009

Yes, the idea of getting MVPs to participate in the campaign has been a little controversial. I made the post just to mention the odd concidence that I was shown in the video, nothing more.

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