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Looking for Free Educational Events to Attend?

By Brad McGehee, 2008/10/15

Every week, there are dozen of free educational events to attend throughout the United States. The sad part is that many people don't attend because they don't know about them. Unfortunately, there is still no single source listing all of the available free technical events you can attend, but there is one website that comes close, and that is

While this doesn't list every free event, it includes a lot, and I am told that the site is growing, which means that it should soon begin adding even more free educational events you can attend.

The website allows you to filter events by state (so you can see only those events close to you) and by event type (which includes MSDN events, User Group events, Code Camps, Tech Fests, and many more). It also includes information about each event, along with the sponsoring organization.

Besides being a source of free educational events, if you are putting on a free educational event, you can list it here, helping to spread the news of your event, so others can find out about it and attend.



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