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GO statement breaks SSIS Execute SQL Task

I have lost an hour today trying to find a bug in my SSIS package, and it was so small - just two letters - "GO"

I had an Execute SQL Task with an input parameter and I had an SQLStatement with some lengthy logc and a "GO" at… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 30 November 2011


I have been having a hard time believing my eyes when I noticed that these queries give different results:

1. select * from TableA a where a.a_id not in (select b.a_id from TableB b)

2. select * from TableA a where not exists (select b.a_id from TableB b where a.a_id=b.a_id… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 27 September 2011

MDX Performance - burdens of IIF

I used to think naively that IIF is an innocent little function that can only do good and help me make a calculated measure evn faster! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I found this very helpful article by Mosha Pasumansky


where he urges MDX developers to avoid using IIF function and… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 11 February 2011

PARTITION BY clause works incorrectly when in nested select over large volumes of data

I have been witnessing a very strange behaviour of ROW_NUMBER() PARTITION BY clause in complex join and nested select or CTE statements over large volumes of data with Max Degree of Parallelism <> 1

The ROW_NUMBER() or RANK() were incorrectly marking records within a partiton, and that behaviour was nondeterministic.

Let's… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 3 November 2010

SSRS axe work: How to use fields from different Datasets in the same field Expression and Grouping in Report Builder 2.0?

Last week I was puzzled by one of my colleagues - he needed help in creating a Report Builder 2.0 SSRS report based on several OLAP cubes utilizing measures from different cubes in the same field in the expression and grouped on the same logically common dimension - Period.

At… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 7 October 2010

SQL or MDX query trace in SSRS - trick of imagination or a real thing?

I sometimes have ghost memories - I remember some things that had never in fact happened. And I was wondering if  my remembering that Reporting Services 2000 had an option in its configuration file that enabled query logging in Reporting Services log files (LogFiles folder) along with the name of…

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 30 August 2010

SSRS Subscriptions failure - should we always listen to our DBA's?

 During the configuration of one of the SSRS instances I have stumbled upon a problem with SSRS Subscription. Subscriptions were scheduled but were never executed. "Last run ..." stayed unchanged showing that a subscription execution was never even attempted.

I searched everywhere - at the computer clock, at the SSRS… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 4 August 2010