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SQLSaturday #171 Pittsburgh Prep Continues

By Stephen Tirone, 2012/07/30

Hey, did I mention that Pittsburgh is having a SQLSaturday this year?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo:Herbert Spencer, used under Creative Commons License.

It's October 6th, at La Roche College, just north of the city proper. A few of us on the committee visited the venue last Thursday, and I have to say, it looks great. There is a nice atrium with a scroll down screen, and a piano and a pool table as well. The lunch room is just off the atrium, and there are a good number of classrooms with screens and projectors -- it really does look like a great place to hold this event. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Interested in speaking? The call for speakers ends August 7th, so if you're at all interested in giving a session, please visit this page and submit your proposal.

Hope to see you at our SQLSaturday!

The atrium at La Roche College.

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