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Archives: November 2010

Certificate Based Application Roles

What if I told you that you could sign an assembly that your Windows application uses with a certificate, load that certificate into SQL Server and then define rights on that user-assembly combination? The perfect world where a user would have different rights based on the application they are running… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 30 November 2010

Using DMVs to Find the Ports that SQL Server is Listening On

The other day I was asked to provide the port number that a SQL Server instance was listening on. As luck would have it, the log file from the last time SQL Server started had rolled off so I was left with either using remote desktop to log onto the… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 29 November 2010

How Do I Change SSRS Report Credentials with Powershell?

Today’s script took a long time to write. The concepts are fairly simple and the resulting script is quite trivial but the lack of easy to find documentation on Reporting Services administration via scripts meant I got to spend a lot of time with my good friend intellisense. In fact,… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 24 November 2010

Careful with the New MCM Requirements

Ever since I first heard about the Microsoft Certified Master program I have been interested. The prestige of the certification and the promise of future riches are what draw many people in but for me the big selling point is the challenge. One of the big obstacles I had to… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 23 November 2010

Want to Make Your SQL Server Run Faster for Free?

I know I do!

The trick is to properly manage your VLFs.

What are VLFs? The short anser is that VLF stands for virtual log file. SQL Server database log files are made up of many smaller virtual log files that make it easier for SQL Server to manage the… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 19 November 2010

Get Drive Space Including Mount Points

Today’s post is a quick one that came out of a conversation on Twitter. To make a long story short, somebody was having trouble with mount points filling up because they were not being caught by their current monitoring script. I offered to look up how my monitoring was doing… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 15 November 2010

Troubleshooting SQL Server Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 16

I recently had to track down a rogue process that was failing to log in on one of my servers. It took a bit of fiddling, but eventually I found that you can trace login failed due to missing database errors with Profiler. The trick is to look for User… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 12 November 2010

A Brute Force Way to Compress a Database

There are a handful of scripts out there to compress all of of the objects in your SQL 2008 database using Row, Page or a smart combination of both compression types. This is not one of those scripts.

This script is written to compress all tables in a database without… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 5 November 2010