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Invest in Yourself

By AdamJorgensen, 2011/01/30

Hey folks. I think we can all agree that there is some really quality traimasculinening available for free on the web for SQL Server. Many of you take advantage of this but I still get to many clients who have no idea what is out there. This includes even such staples as who Paul Randal is or that youtube has  over 5000 videos tagged SQL Server. image




So there are tons of sites to go get information to invest in yourself. I think this guy would agree you’re long over due. There are also SQL Saturday’s nd other regional events like your  local User Group. I get so excited to see folks experience their first SQL Saturday or PASS Summit. But don’t think you have to read a 2000 pages book to get better at SQL Server. Just throw a dart at the internet and you’re likely to hit pay dirt. 

If you don’t know how to use a search engine, here are some site you should check out:

The other biggest place to learn from is blogs written by folks like me. I have a pretty extensive list of blogs I read often. You can download the .OMPL file and import it into any blog reader (although I would recommend Google reader).

Hang in there and I’ll see you out there! Don’t forget to hit me up at @adam_jorgensen.

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